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A long-term project for partners L’Oréal & Albéa

Going beyond a classic customer to supplier order, L’Oréal and Albéa join forces to create a technological breakthrough on the hair color market.


As a matter of fact, the new tube for Casting Crème Gloss by L’Oréal Paris is a concentrate of the two companies’ expertise. L’Oréal, one of the biggest cosmetic groups in the world, makes it a point to invest in Research & Development. It took a 5-year collaboration to develop this innovative packaging. This collaboration with Albéa, the world leader in laminate and plastic tubes resulted in 7 new patents.

For a long time, L’Oréal and Albéa have been cooperating on make-up, pump and tube developments. L’Oréal choose to partner with Albéa, a strategic supplier, for the global rollout of this new laminate tube. This collaboration highlights outstanding innovation, teamwork and operational excellence at a global scale.

According to Philippe Thuvien, VP Packaging & Development at L’Oréal “This launch shows the Albéa group’s ability to create innovative, complex solutions for its customers and roll them out worldwide together.”


This collaboration is an attempt to contribute to the modernization of the Beauty industry with a strong focus on developing a sustainable project with a low environmental footprint.

The multi-layer packaging protects the formula even after the tube is opened. A new decoration technology was used for the first time to customize the tube in line with L’Oréal Paris’ prestigious brand image. At the end of the day, the objective for teams at both L’Oréal and Albéa is to create a pleasant and comfortable user experience.

Zoom: a technical breakthrough

Hair color formulas tend to be highly reactive to oxygen and only aluminum tubes could contain it – until now. In order to offer an effective alternative to aluminum tubes, teams turned to Albéa’s O2 Wall Tube technology as it is the only way to guarantee integral bulk protection throughout the laminate tube. Laminate tubes made with O2 Wall Tube technology deeply protect formulas. They deliver all the design qualities of conventional laminate tubes, with a more flexible touch and endless decoration possibilities.

The O2 Wall Tube technology has been awarded Best Tube of the Year 2016, into the Laminate category, by the ETMA (European Tube Manufacturer Association). ETMA is an European association of producers of flexible aluminum, plastic and laminate tubes for packaging purposes.  

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