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Sustainable development Albea 2018

Sustainable Development Report 2018

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Albéa publishes its 1st CSR report

Albéa's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility goes back 15 years and is widely recognized by our customers and partners, as well as third-party experts such as EcoVadis and CDP. 
Our voluntary report aims at sharing our new Sustainability strategy, which comprises three missions: to earn the trust of our stakeholders every day, to deliver sustainable growth, and to create a positive future. 

This strategy, and the corresponding global initiatives, result from a materiality assessment conducted last year with 600 internal and external stakeholders. It also paved the way for Albéa's signature of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy Global Commitment in October 2018.

As the beauty industry rises up to the challenge of rethinking cosmetic packaging, to make it both desirable and sustainable, Albéa demonstrates its belief in responsibility as a core business driver, its ambition with 11 global initiatives, its commitment for a bright future, and its conviction that benevolent and humble collaboration is more essential than ever.

We are grateful for the engagement of our 15,000 team members, for the support of our prestigious customers and our dynamic ecosystem of partners worldwide.


Click here to download Albéa's Sustainable Report 2018