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Yes I Am


Case studies
Yes I Am

Albéa supports Cacharel for the launch of Yes I Am, the powerful new feminine fragrance.

Cacharel reinvents the fragrance: one of the most powerful symbols of femininity, the red lipstick, is recast as a scent in an all-new perfume design.

Albéa, expert in fragrance cap, developed the delightfully surprising red lipstick cap.

Yes I Am Eau de Parfum is an audacious, symbolic and powerful fragrance that combines the elegance of a lipstick and the sensuality of a fragrance. The Yes I Am scent is dispensed thanks to the lipstick-like spray cap which is composed of six technical components. "Yes I Am" is gently embossed on the collar.

It’s a technological accomplishment that offers optimal function, an instinctive gesture, a sensual moment.

The lipstick-like cap is manufactured at Albéa Parigné, the center of excellence for sophisticated fragrance and skincare caps.

Yes i am fragrance cap albea