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Did you know?

We make the products you use every day - outstanding tubes, lipsticks, mascaras, pumps, applicators, airline amenities and more.
We operate on the attractive and growing markets of color cosmetics, skincare and personal care, oral care, pharma, airlines and more.
We serve the prestigious and dynamic brands you know - be they heritage or indie, big or small, international or local.
We provide global reach yet may be close to you - our 31-site footprint spans West & East Europe, North & South America, Africa, Asia and China, with historical headquarters in Paris.
We are an attractive company of 1.2 billion dollars in 2019 with a 70-year history, a leader in most of its markets, combining an entrepreneurial mindset with the assets and organization of a large group.
We believe in “made here, made responsibly” because we are proud of our local roots and strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, because we defend, value and invest in local industry and the communities it supports.
We are 10,000 people and we believe in teamwork, in diversity, in partnerships, in the ability of every single employee to make a difference.

Our vision is to be the best packaging solutions company for our customers, teams, partners and all our stakeholders.

Join us!

We have exciting challenges ahead and we want to build successful teams of highly motivated, passionate and engaged professionals who are eager to learn and make a high impact.

Experience a company that lives by its values, shares a distinctive culture and provides the right skills set for today and tomorrow.

Learn and grow in a company where you can develop your technical & professional know-how as well as your leadership and management skills, and create a dynamic career paths including international opportunities.

Be part of a global team with a collective vision, a place where we value your feedback and celebrate success, a company that wants everyone to feel good at work and where we take care of our people and our planet.



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Looking for exciting challenges and unique expertise?

We are a recognized leader in a fast-paced, highly-competitive, relentlessly-innovative, growing market – where glamour meets technology and industrial performance. 

We support our customers with world-class expertise, innovation capabilities and mindset, passionate teams and best-in-class facilities and equipment.

We invest every year more in innovative projects, in our equipment, facilities and teams. This allows us to have unique global network of experts that pool know-how across cultures, technologies and region.

We are part of Industry 4.0, which is about reliability and agility, automation and digitalization, and above all creativity and attractiveness.

We’re future-ready.


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