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Supporting the airlines for 25 years

Drawing on 25 years’ experience in supporting the airlines, Albéa’s expertise in designing and manufacturing made-to-measure promotional articles is widely recognized. This know-how serves Air France, which has entrusted Albéa with the design and production of 3 million kits per year for over a decade. As a token of appreciation from industry professionals, Albea Travel Designer and Air France have received several distinctions notably Travel Plus Awards from the renowned World Travel Catering & Onboard Services organization.

Air france business kit albea airlines
Air France business kit french travel designer
French Art de Vivre & Creativity
Leading French airline Air France is Albéa Travel Designer’s historic partner. For over 10 years, teams at Albéa have been fine-tuning their understanding of the airline brand’s DNA. An ambassador of French Art de Vivre all over the world, Air France stands not only for elegance but also for audacity. Albéa Travel Designer makes it a point to recreate a piece of this prestigious and trendy universe in thoughtfully designed amenity kits to offer clients a relaxing on-flight moment and a unique object to bring home after their trip.
Air france baby kit albea
New passenger profiles
The two partner companies continuously adapt to the evolution of the travel industry, passengers’ profiles and ways in which they travel, creating day after day an improved traveler experience. Working in close collaboration with teams at Air France, Albéa Travel Designer has developed and manufactured various creations such as Baby Kits as well as special editions for Premium Eco, Business and La Première classes. Recently, Albéa completed - from concept to production – the development of amenity kits available on the new Millennial airline offer called Joon.