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Albéa and Connected Packaging


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Albéa and Connected Packaging

Albéa’s Internet of Beauty (IoB) is an innovative connected packaging project developed by a cross-functional team of Marketing, Design, IT and Packaging Engineering experts. In addition, The Internet of Beauty was built in partnership with key players of the beauty industry as it opens news opportunities for brands to better interact with consumers.



Internet Of Beauty

Being the first physical touchpoint between a product and a consumer, the packaging is a key element of the retail experience. Beauty consumers today are ultra-connected and want to do more with the pack: discover stories behind the product, share content on their social media networks or even buy the product by scanning it on an app. 

The Internet of Beauty does that and more: consumers will access new range of services, including quick and easy access to information. Brands will be able to better understand their consumers and address their needs with greater precision. This revolution stands as a new business opportunity for Beauty Industry professionals.

Connected packaging is part of the digital transformation as it impacts the entire consumer experience online and in-store. The Internet of Beauty uses 4 patents and a collection of cutting-edge technologies. NFC is one of them with a system that allows fast identification of the packaging by all the new generation of smartphones A network of providers, part of Albéa’s ecosystem, were involved in the technical development of the Internet of Beauty. They brought in specific expertise in visual recognition, CRM and for instance user interface management.

Etienne Brière, Innovation Cell Manager at Albéa, presented the Internet of Beauty and its application to Fragrance during the Fragrance Innovation Summit which was held in Paris in October. Experts talked about connected packaging and more: trends of fragrance layering and customization, opportunities linked to the Big Data but also upcycling and sustainable development for the Luxury industry were explored. Albéa took part in discussions on new fragrance application gestures and associated packaging such as cushion, gel pens and compact perfume.