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Albéa donations to the Paris-Saclay University


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Albéa, committed during the sanitary crisis

Throughout the whole sanitary crisis we are going through, Albéa is invested and committed to its partners, for instance by producing pumps and bottles for hydroalcoholic solutions. 
During the second quarter of 2020, Albéa has helped the Paris Saclay University with a gift of airless pumps and bottles destined to the student of the prestigious campus. 
It is on the Lacrost site (Burgundy), which belongs since the 1st of June to Silgan Dispensing, that the 1500 packs of bottles and airless pumps were manufactured and given. 


A solution produced by the engineers from the Orsay Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISMO - UPSaclay/CNRS)


The hydroalcoholic solution present in the bottles was produced by the engineers from the ISMO, which is a laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay of the Paris-Saclay University, as part of a solidarity operation with the hospitals* and the healthcare personnel. 
Some of the filled bottles have also been provided to the candidates who were sitting the First Year Exam Common to Health Studies (PACES), organised on-site by the Faculty of Sciences of Paris-Saclay. The students thereby had the opportunity to sit their exams in accordance with the rules of social distancing and in complete safety! 
In addition with the hydroalcoholic solutions, the laboratories of the Faculty of Sciences also donated protective material such as masks, gloves or overalls to hospitals. 


Lacrost, a very solidary production site

The Lacrost production site in Burgundy has done many donations. In addition to the donation to the Paris-Saclay University, the site had donated masks to the Chalon sur Saône hospital at the beginning of the sanitary crisis, in agreement with the CSE and the employees. The site has also donated complete packs to the Métropole Savoie, Châteauroux and Chalon sur Saône University Hospitals, to the Tournus and Louhans pharmacies and to the company ANVI. 

 *Hospital of the Kremlin Bicêtre, of Longjumeau, private of Antony, and of the south of Ile-de- France, Percy...