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Albéa Fast-Track Beauty offer gets bigger

Albéa Fast-Track Beauty offer gets bigger

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Albéa Fast-Track Beauty offer gets bigger

The beauty market is going faster: new brands, more product launches, shorter development time, faster deliveries, ever-changing trends – speed is the new black. This is an exciting challenge that we address through our Fast Track Beauty range.


Our Fast-Track Beauty offer is expanding with 18 new applicators. 16 fiber and plastic mascara brushes and two gloss applicators are now available in small quantities.
From 5,000 units to 25,000 units, it is now possible to receive these make-up applicators within 4 weeks (after artwork validation or for re-orders for a selection of decoration & specifications).


The applicators are manufactured in Albéa Bottanuco (Italy), our worldwide center of excellence for mascaras, lipgloss and eyeliners applicators.


What is Albéa Fast-Track Beauty?
Fast Track Beauty is a unique selection of packaging and solutions to speed up your launches: from among our bestselling products and in line with the world’s latest trends they are available here-and-now, with low minimum order quantities, short delivery time, customization options that our experts recommend.
Fast Track Beauty is powered by Albéa: great innovation, commitment to quality and social responsibility, guaranteed industrial property and regulatory compliance – as well as the ability to scale up as soon as success knocks!


A word about Fast-Track tubes.
Fast-Track tubes offer is 14 product references, ready-to-go tube packaging (small runs: 1,000 to 9,000 tubes), delivered across Europe in 4 weeks max, specially selected for cosmetics, great for original designs and e-commerce.
Our Fast-Track Beauty Tubes are fully customizable from tube to cap. We trust you to make the most creative use of our digital printing options. “The devil is in details” and so are we: our tubes and caps offer tamper-proof opening preventing any risk of leakage when you send your creations all over the world for your consumers to enjoy.


Fast-Track tubes are made in our Tortona facility (Italy).