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Albéa Matamoros, sourcing program

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Albéa Matamoros, sourcing program

Albéa’s Matamoros, Mexico unit supports L’Oréal’s Solidarity Sourcing program through its community project with ASPELIFI, a local non-profit. ASPELIFI was founded in Matamoros in 2003 to help disabled people find a job in a region with high unemployment. This regular income benefits their entire family. ASPELIFI regularly provides medical equipment to make people’s lives more comfortable and works closely with local authorities to develop job opportunities.

In 2012, the Albéa Matamoros unit, which produces mascara and lipgloss packaging, set up a community project to make ASPELIFI an approved subcontractor.

Thanks to this project, ASPELIFI has already provided jobs for six disabled people, sometimes sole household support. The six individuals  trained to work as a team and now hold the following positions: general operators, material handler / mechanic, quality controller / social manager / accountant

They mainly carry out these tasks: assembling mascara shafts and brushes, cleaning tubs so they can be reused, packing finished products.

Before ASPEFILI could become a supplier, the organization’s work environment had to be upgraded because it didn’t meet Albéa’s hygiene and safety standards, as did the work zone which was not suited to optimal inventory management or material handling and control. Albéa Matamoros first helped ASPELIFI register as a supplier with local government agencies and to obtain more suitable premises for work and handling. Finally, Albéa invested more than 50K$ in the organization’s facilities, machines and equipment.


Albéa Matamoros’ Solidarity Sourcing program is part of the People & Communities as well as Suppliers & Partners pillars of our 2015-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap. We want all our suppliers and partners to ensure the wellbeing of their people, contribute responsibly to our environmental footprint, and help to create value for the whole ecosystem.

The sourcing program

Albea Matamoros sourcing program