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For each makeup effect, there is an Albéa applicator!

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Albéa and mascara: a long story

Mascara and Albéa go back a long way. We’ve been designing and making mascaras for more than 35 years. Starting from our centers of excellence in mascaras, lipgloss, brows and nails names Albéa Tips Studio in Bottanuco, Italy and Morristown, Tennessee, USA, we’ve built up a global footprint stretching from Brazil to China. Mascara looks straightforward, but it’s one of the most technically complex beauty products. It takes a jeweler’s precision to make up the eyelashes, which are delicate but different for everyone.


Albéa Tips Studio can draw on decades of experience and expertise in applicators to develop make-up solutions based on winning combinations – formula, applicator, wiper and packaging – to make beauty routines both unique and reliable.


Albéa Tips Studio: innovation incubator

Innovation is an ongoing process at Albéa. We listen to consumers through focus groups and observation sessions, and we’re in constant contact with leading beauty brands’ marketing departments.


Different consumers and brands have different expectations in terms of gestures, sensations or make-up effects. It’s our job to satisfy them all. So we find inspiration in the latest trends for everyday objects, new materials and even other industries.


Albéa Tips Studio knows how to bridge the gap between a consumer’s wish and a high-performance packaging solution.

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So what exactly is an applicator?

Applicators have a special, demanding place in the world of packaging. An applicator is a tip that deposits a cosmetic formula to achieve a make-up or care effect.

Albéa Tips Studio has great not only in mascara brushes, the best-known kind of make-up tip, but also dip-in systems. These are work well for eyeliner, foundation and lip or even nail make-up.

There’s no size limit on the tips the Studio can design and make, so applicators can be used to make up or care for any area of the body.

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The winning combination

A good applicator is one that has the right mix of formula, wiper and brush. Every component is interconnected. The wiper design depends on the size and shape of the brush, for example.


A good applicator also means one that fulfills the customer’s brief. In other words, it delivers the desired make-up effect through the formula it applies.


Every beauty brand wants a make-up effect, whether volume, length or curve, and multiple formula-wiper-applicator combinations can achieve those results. A


Albéa’s great strength is translating a customer subjective brief - a make-up result - into an industrial solution. Thanks to our processes, expert network and technical and manufacturing capabilities, we can guide the customer to their ideal mascara without delay.