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Albéa’s hand sanitizer packs are available every day!

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Safe at work, home, and school

Albéa supports its customers and their brands in providing people all over the world with hand sanitizer – so they can protect themselves and protect others.
From tubes to bottles and dispensers, from family- to handbag- and school-size, these solutions are easy to use and available, here and now.


Hand sanitizer packs

Plastic tubes from 20 to 200ml, with convenient flip-top caps. Performance and responsiveness from Albéa Europe and North America.

Miniature sprays. Pocket-size dispensers. Everyday pumps. Efficiency and design from Albéa Europe and North America.

PE/PP bottles in 60/100ml with screw/snap/flip-top caps. Short lead-times. Service and quality from Albéa Indonesia.