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Alien Man by Mugler

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Alien Man by Mugler

The Mugler House trusted in Albéa’s expertise in fragrance caps and pumps to manufacture the new fragrance spray-cap and  pump for the new Eau de Toilette Alien Man.

Faithful to the Mugler House codes, the spray-cap is in perfect harmony with the masculine design of the bottle.

No less than 5 pieces composes the spray cap and encases the XD11 Panache pump from Albéa.

The technical challenge was the molding of the Surlyn for a contemporary and masculine result.

The spray cap is manufactured by Albéa Parigné L’Evêque (Sarthe, France) the centre of excellence for the sophisticated fragrance caps.

The XD11 Panache pump is manufactured by Albéa Le Tréport (Normandy, France), the global centre of excellence for fragrance pumps, samplers and mini-products.


The XD11 fragrance pump at glance:

The XD11 pump combines delicacy and robustness thanks to an ultra-compact design, harmonious mist, invisible engine, three dosages (70 µl, 100µl, 120µl) and olfactory neutrality.



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