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Aquabella Nuxe

Spring 2018 marked the launch of Aquabella, Nuxe’s new skincare collection for every women in a need of tailor made hydration. Dedicated to combination skin, this new range includes the Beauty-Revealing Moisturizing Emulsion for which a D.N.Airless Ø35 pump by Albéa was chosen.

"More than just a moisturizer for combination skin, this melting skincare product offers consumers a “bare skin” sensation".

Protecting the freshness of the floral skincare containing at least 93.5 % of natural origin ingredients, the D.N.Airless Ø35 pump delivers the right amount of product for a pleasant customer experience. The pump enhances the light emulsion which melts over the skin, moisturizing dry areas and mattifying oily areas thanks to a Silica Powder.

Aquabella Nuxe airless
Airless pumps, formula protection

With rising interest from consumers, beauty brands have been working on more natural skincare products. With less chemicals, preservatives and more natural origin ingredients, these complex yet more fragile formulas require different packaging. This is when Albéa comes into action with the airless pumps offer which protects skincare formulas from oxidation as well as from any product migration from the packaging.

formula protection airless