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Aude, Sustainability Manager at Albéa


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Aude makes a difference by taking responsible packaging to another level.

Aude Charbonneaux oversees Sustainability and CSR at Albéa. We invite you to discover her inspiring career path, and more. 

Aude, Sustainability Manager at Albéa

I graduated from Paris Institute of Chemistry. Based on this scientific start, I felt the need to find meaning in my career. My classmates started with typical engineering jobs in big companies, and I didn’t want to follow that path. I decided to take the road less travelled and spent three years abroad, learning about the water problems in Mexico and discovering the terrible conditions in which chemicals were handled in Asia.” In 2008, her friends advised her to return to France. “Something was changing. Companies were beginning to take sustainability seriously.”

She joined Albéa as an eco-design engineer.

“I was given two months to create a bio-based plastic packaging. We definitely love challenges at Albéa!” 

“We are constantly developing solutions that make packaging lighter, recyclable or reusable.”

Aude Charbonneaux Albéa

"A beauty pack can be both attractive & responsible!"

Ten years later, Aude is still just as motivated.

“It feels like time has flown by, we are constantly developing solutions that make packaging lighter, recyclable or reusable.” Aude has seen a shift from Albéa’s leaders and customers. “Consumers are now interested in this topic, despite its apparent complexity.

It is our job to convince them that a beauty packaging can be both attractive and responsible”.  


Working hand-in-hand with the Innovation, Marketing and CSR teams at Albéa, Aude can always count on her boss’ full support, and on top management’s solid interest in this key topic.

“Most importantly, my goal is to get all Albéa employees onboard, and then make our global and local initiatives more visible”. 


Aude is also the go-to expert on sustainability and responsible packaging-related issues. This includes sharing best practices and measuring the environmental impact of proposed solutions. “The credibility of responsible development initiatives and the reliability of their environmental footprint are important questions.”     

“At Albéa, we are proud to present our latest responsible packaging developments. We always make sure these innovations are based on concrete achievements” she adds, a proof of the 15 000 company’s employees’ strong commitment.