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CBD: the rising star of beauty and wellness formulas 

For over a year now, CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, has invited itself into the formulas of our favorite beauty products.
It also made it to influencer and business woman Kim Kardashian’s latest baby shower who wanted a “zen-like CBD-themed” celebration which also included healing sound baths and a meditation session. 
Associated with soothing, restorative, relaxing and sometimes medical treatments, CBD is extracted from hemp seeds and fibers. This molecule creates a natural positive reaction when in contact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It contributes to homeostasis, a process which regulates several body functions such as stress, sleep, blood pressure, and immunity. 


Used in serums, creams, oils, balms and soaps, CBD is a powerful antioxidant which reduces muscular inflammation and heals damaged skin. It regulates sebum production and is particularly efficient to treat acne. Its benefits include anti-pollution qualities as CBD neutralizes ultra violet rays therefore prevent premature ageing. 

CBD is also used in hair care as it helps take care of the scalp and prevents irritations such as dandruff. 

Regulation regarding the use of hemp and marijuana is evolving in many countries worldwide while it is taking the cosmetic industry by storm. CBD expert brands have flourished while existing beauty and wellness giants have started integrating this super ingredient into beauty formulas, creating new perspective for consumers.
Pain relieving balms, youth serum, natural deodorant, soothing face cream: CBD can be used in a variety of products which are making their way into consumers’ daily routines, in line with current natural beauty and vegan cosmetic trends. 

Inspired by this new trendy ingredient? Share your ideas with our team of packaging experts and let’s make it happen! 

*CBD is legal in many countries and it is not to be confused with THC, the psychoactive molecule also derived from hemp and marijuana.