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Circular Beauty



Let’s Act for Circular Beauty

Since over 15 years, Sustainability has been a key topic at Albéa.
This strong commitment is recognized and appreciated by our ecosystem, from customers to shareholders and other business partners.

Plastic is fantastic: lightweight, versatile, economical, low carbon, protective and recyclable, plastic has facilitated mass access to consumer goods and fueled the modern economy. 
Yet – today – Plastic remains fantastic only if it becomes more sustainable and circular. 

"We are industry leaders. We have strong convictions. We operate in a remarkable, vibrant ecosystem. That’s why we are speaking up".

We must ensure every packaging we invent, develop, source or manufacture is: 
- safe for the formula it protects and for the consumer who uses it,
- eco-friendly with minimal impact on the environment, leveraging progress made over the years on life-cycle analysis and eco-design.
- and circular which means recycled, reused or transformed into valuable products. 


This new mindset is about enhancing the value of plastic packaging so that it never becomes useless (discarded) waste. It’s about rethinking the value chain so that plastic packaging contributes to reducing pollution and improving its overall social, economic and environmental impact. It’s about demonstrating its value and making it a recognized valuable resource.


To make this happen, we have signed the Ellen Mc Arthur’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, in effect committing Albéa to turning this vision into reality by 2025.


Our economy today is more collaborative than ever before. We believe this is a key driver for change. Teams at Albéa invest time to sit down with our customers to understand their expectations, sit down with our suppliers to understand their capabilities, sit down with our competitors to pool resources or share information and sit down with recycling partners to find optimized solutions together. 


Collective change requires common solutions, this is why we share our vision, our challenges, our expertise. 


Albéa will proactively provide guidance, transparency and practical solutions to all our customers – guiding them towards the achievement of their sustainability goals. 
We have the industry’s largest range of products including the largest range of sustainable packaging solutions. Our know-how, vision and collaborative spirit, put at the service of our ecosystem, will position Albéa as a key contributor to build a more sustainable future.