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Circular Economy, whazzat?


albea circular economy

Circular Economy, whazzat?

Basically, building a circular economy means getting out of the single-use logic, explains Gilles Swyngedauw, CSR director at Albéa. In other words, we should no longer design, manufacture and consume in a linear “take make dispose” way but reuse as much as possible to avoid depleting non-renewable natural resources and harming our planet. Disposable products have become a concern and we need to find solutions that are less detrimental to the environment.


In industrial terms, it means reducing our energy consumption and our industrial waste. It means moving to renewable energy and to landfill free wastage. It means recycling as much as possible our waste.

In packaging terms, it means continuing to focus on eco-design and life-cycle analysis to reduce our impact on the environment. Yet today we need to go further: invent reusable or recyclable packaging, integrate post-consumer recycled materials.

If we zoom in on beauty packaging, we have been using plastics for decades. “Plastic is fantastic” and has helped transform the world for the better. Plastic packaging today is lighter, cheaper, more effective, more protective, consumer-friendlier than ever before – and progress is constant. The challenge today is to also make it more durable.


Beauty packaging already live quite a long life on our bathroom shelves and in our bags, accompanying us on the beach and on the go. They are beautiful, functional, high-performing, high-quality products. The challenge today is to develop an efficient circular economy in the beauty and personal care sector.



Together with our ecosystem, we are committed to rethinking the value chain to include collection, sorting and recycling at the end of our products’ long and happy life.