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Clean Reserve selects Albéa's SLPP pump

Clean Reserve, a green fragrance and beauty brand, has selected the SLPP pump from Albéa for its warm and fuzzy Avant-Garden perfume collection.

The concept is simple: « We give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our name is our promise ». Clean Reserve is one of the first « green » fragrance brands finding its inspiration in the beauty of the earth and offering consumers a new sustainable beauty experience.

Clean Reserve is always searching for ways to conserve raw ingredients and reduce waste by developing fragrances that product the perfect aroma when used in small quantities. The company makes it a point to create eco-positive beauty products and fragrance, from formula to  packaging.


Albéa’s SLPP pump and its Invisible Dip tube were chosen as part of the fragrance packaging, in line with the “Clean” and natural yet luxurious look of the bottle.

Focusing on sustainability, Clean Reserve enjoyed collaborating with Albéa finding in our team a reliable partner providing them with great service and technical expertise without compromising on quality.

Manufactured in Albéa Thomaston (CT, USA), our fragrance pump center of excellence for the Americas zone, SLPP pump is a robust beauty sprayer. The invisible dip tube that Clean Reserve opted for, is a subtle element of the elegant design of the packaging.

Including gasket-free fastening technology for maximum compatibility with fragrance, SLPP has become a reference in USA as far as prestige brands are concerned. With its high spray quality and smooth actuation, SLPP pump offers consumers a mesmerizing olfactory experience. SLPP makes it possible to spray from 3 different angles while enhancing the sophisticated fragrance formula.


SLPP pump is part of Albéa Art Of Spray: reinventing fragrance application, Albéa offers a range of pumps and sprayers for each olfactory experience that can be created. Enter a new dimension of spray with Albéa.

With 50 years of expertise in fragrance, Albéa is one of the global leaders in fragrance pumps.

Thanks to its center of excellence based in Thomaston, the USA and its daring way of creating disruptive yet reliable innovation, Albéa offers brands owners a product range that adapts perfectly to market changes and new consumer demand for natural, efficient and personalized packaging.