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Rechargeable and designed for recycling compact

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of the products they use on the daily, inquiring ingredients but more recently the packaging as well. As they want to be part of the solution, the beauty market shows a steady rise of interest for reusable solutions that allow consumers to play an active role in adopting more responsible habits. 


At the forefront of sustainable developments, we are relentlessly working on innovative low-impact packaging concepts. Tackling the matter of re-usability on all beauty segments and adapting their solutions to formula types and consumer uses, we are proud to present “Clip-Case”, a rechargeable and designed for recycling compact that combines personalization with eco-responsibility. An interview with Inès Coeur, Compacts Market Manager at Albéa.

Enhanced customer experience

Could you describe the Clip-Case concept and its main USPs?
First things first, we created a case to dress up the pan. The refill will therefore appear as a mini pack and this will enhance the customer experience. Smooth and quick manipulations are key when it comes to refillability. With our concept, the used-up case can be taken off by opening the cover to its maximum, getting the platform to automatically pop-out from the base. To change the case, a simple clip back into the base and the compact will be as good as new.


Why is Clip-Case a totally new product concept for brands?

It is a breakthrough innovation because the refill system doesn’t use a magnet and doesn’t need the use of a tool but still stays very easy.
Besides, with Clip Case, brands have a flexible solution that can adapt to various needs and identities. The concept can be applied to many different compacts design like multi-pans palettes as well as square or round mono-compacts. 

Beyond reusability

In what way is this also a recycling topic?
While shaping Clip-Case, our goal was to go beyond reusability by targeting circularity which is crucial for any Albéa innovation. That is why we developed for each component a simple mechanism of disassembly to enable recyclability in the long-term: both the metallic pan and the mirror can be easily disassembled. The plastic materials were also carefully selected to design the pack for recycling and to allow a great part of recycled materials in the future. To perfect the concept, we took a big step regarding “metal-free hinge” conception. By removing this little metal component at the back of the compact, its recyclability becomes possible.