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Coach Eau de Parfum


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Coach Eau de Parfum

Albéa, a leading manufacturer of caps for fragrances, has created the spray cap & accessory for Coach’s latest scent, Eau de Parfum.

The new fragrance by Coach, the famous American accessories brand, stands out for its spray cap shaped like the iconic turnlock closures of the brand's handbags. Placed atop a pendant, the spray cap illustrates Albéa's integrated expertise in injection, assembly, design and accessories. 

The technical prowess of this piece lies in the actuator, which enables the pump to dispense the fragrance once the clasp's on-off function has been activated.  The entire top is embellished with gold-tone metal effect obtained with galvanization. The fragrance bottle also features a charm with a metal and leather-like plate, characteristic of Coach handbags provides by Albéa Beauty Solutions.

The cap is manufactured in France at the Parigné-L’Évêque factory — Albéa's center of excellence in producing caps for fragrances and beauty products.

Coach eau de parfum spray cap