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Albéa IOB Kickstarter program

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Albéa's IOB Kickstater program

Albéa presents at PCD Paris, on January 30 & 31, 2019, its innovative and collaborative offer "IOB Kickstarter", resulting from its Internet of Beauty (IOB) program, which helps brands to digitalize their products and interact with their communities.

Developed in collective intelligence with CMSmartconnect - a start-up in consumer purchasing experience and marketing data collection / analysis; the "IOB Kickstarter" offer is available for beauty brands that want to instantly interact with their consumers through packaging linked to their digital adapted content.

Albéa and CMSmartconnect "IOB Kickstarter" offer gather a connected make-up compact and digital service:

  • A connected pack

The Onyx + make-up box incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and is ideal for make-up touch-ups throughout the day thanks to its three pads. 

  • A digital service

The CMSmartconnect muti-technology platform link digital content of brands to the connected compact, to instantly monitor consumer interactions, collect and analyze data to measure marketing campaigns.

"IOB Kickstarter" costs 53,000 euros for a minimum order quantity of 100,000 units; and brings together the expertise of Albéa’s Color Cosmetics and IOB teams in the digitalization field.

Albéa offers other connected packaging solutions and digital offers through its IOB program. 

Albéa IOB connected pack