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CSR at Albéa by François Luscan

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Albéa’s Responsible Commitment by François Luscan, President & CEO

The ecological revolution is in full swing and is hitting the cosmetic sector hard. For the past fifteen years, Albéa has put sustainable development and CSR at the heart of its activity. This is reflected, among other things, in a constant commitment to industrial employment in France, the U.S., China and Brazil. Direct ties have been established between our company and the local communities that we’ve been working with— often for dozens of years— in our 40 production sites. Our projects on the environmental front have also gradually been put in place, as we began implementing measures for the end-of-life evaluations of our products in 2002.

Internally, we established the four fundamental axes of our CSR commitment very early on (People, Plants, Products, Partners), and these priorities have been the subject of both international and local programs. Now, after two initial roadmaps (2010-2015 / 2015-2020), we’re building a third that aims even higher. Last June, the publication of our first sustainable development report for the year 2018 became a new benchmark in our goal to evolve quickly, powerfully and with transparency. Our strategy rests on three pillars: earning the trust of our partners every day; staying committed to our employees, clients and suppliers; and building a positive future for our stakeholders. The most important word here is “responsibility”.        

Disruptive Innovation As A Solution

When it comes to packaging, the need to act has become more pressing in the past eighteen months. Plastic packaging is now seen as a symbol of a transforming system. We’ve been working for years to lighten and simplify our packaging and, in our opinion, this urgent atmosphere is an opportunity for us to improve. That’s why we signed the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment in October 2018. The goals are as ambitious as they are necessary, as we’re expected to make 100% of our plastic packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025. But it also means using 10% of recycled plastic in our packaging, taking measures to get rid of superfluous plastic packaging and put in place systems that encourage the reuse of this packaging. Of course, all of this must be done while simultaneously guaranteeing the security of our end users and the environment, eliminating any harmful substances. These are the challenges that lie ahead.      
Naturally, the development of innovative solutions that ensure the recycling and circularity of our products necessitates resources. In 2019, Albéa invested 100 million dollars, not including acquisitions, 10% of which was dedicated to CSR. In 2020, that number will rise to 30%. In one year, we will have tripled our offer of responsible packaging. For Albéa, tomorrow’s packaging must meet three criteria: to be safe for people and the environment, to have a weaker environmental impact, and adhere to a circular process that favors PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) and bio-sourced materials, steering away from fossil-based materials. In October, Albéa announced the development of a cosmetic tube in collaboration with L’Oréal made with certified FSC cardboard, a statement that drew a wave of positive interest from different brands. Their curiosity is proof of the transition that’s currently underway.       

Codevelopment To Create Positive Value

In order for responsible packaging to be the new norm, every actor in the industry needs to start moving. Collaboration is crucial to generating positive value for the planet, humankind and the market.
Last June, in Paris, Albéa organized an event called Let’s Act for Circular Beauty in order to present its advancements and open up dialogue.Thanks to this display of our expertise and our legitimacy, anchored in fifteen years of CSR programs, we’ve been working in collaboration with brands that care about advancements in responsible packaging since the event. To go further in encouraging this positive strategy of co-development, we’re organizing the first workshop dedicated to circular beauty in Paris, during the first semester of 2020. 
At the beginning of the 2000s, Albéa anticipated the changing dynamic that is so evident today. Our wish is to accompany our employees, suppliers and clients in this ongoing transformation of the world.