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Desert mascara brushes

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3D printed mascara brushes

Albéa’s teams are passionate about helping brands navigate the digital revolution of the beauty sector. 
To advance this fascinating mission, we’re collaborating with a leading start-up in 3D technology innovation, to offer industrial series of unique, creative, customized packaging solutions.
3D printing is a unique technology, most recently used to create innovative mascara brushes like our new Desert range. 
Desert combines bold shapes and stunning makeup results. These four 3D printed mascara brushes are made from polyamide using laser sintering technology.
Whirl offers an all-in-one makeup effect and Quicksand promises lashes with volume. Cactus brings volume and definition while Palm Leaf combines volume and curling.
3D printing is available to design exclusive collections and scale up, as well as last-minute personalization with offline decoration and surface treatment for innovative combinations of colors and textures.

Etienne Brière, manager of Albéa’s Innovation Cell explains that "this collaboration allows exceptional creative freedom. The possibilities are now endless!
This is a definite advantage for innovation and creation, while allowing for very short manufacturing times. 3D printing technology allows us to experiment with more innovative and complex shapes."

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