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Reinventing packaging for e-commerce

Our society is undergoing a major transformation: the digital revolution. This technical evolution impacts ways of working, learning, living, interacting and consuming. More than half of all in-store purchase is influenced by digital commerce. This includes information found on search engines, brands’ official website as well as social media platforms. Digital word-of-mouth through messaging applications is gaining importance while influencers lead the game and offer creative “unboxing experiences” where packaging is star! More than ever before, the recent boom of visual-based social media Instagram gives even more visibility to packaging. 

Therefore social selling features are being developed in parallel to steady growth of e-commerce sales.

Did you know products ordered on Amazon are manipulated 20 times on average, compared to only 5 for a traditional retailer? What does it mean for packaging? 


To provide beauty brand consumers with a flawless experience, Albéa identified two key dimensions. On the one hand, during shipping packaging must fully protect the product including its precious formula, applicators and other accessories. On the other hand, it should also be lightweight by design to reduce transportation cost.  
Let’s take a closer look at beauty tube packaging and more! 


Albéa leverages proven technical expertise to offer a wide range of e-commerce compliant dispensing and sealing solutions such as lockable pumps and caps. These extremely reliable technologies prevent product from leaking before it is received and used by the consumer. Drop tests have been run to ensure packaging is optimally protected against potential damage during shipping. 


Manufactured in France and in the United States, Albéa’s offer include foam pumps, fragrance and mist spray pumps as well as lotion pumps, lipsticks, mascaras, compacts and more! Our packaging offer is customizable to your brand’s image and various formats, including samples and travel-size, are available. 



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