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CK Women Eau de pafum

Eau de Parfum CK Women

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The transparence gaze

The Eau de Parfum Calvin Klein Women finds its inspiration in "a multifaceted concept of femininity." The work of art that is on the bottle cap was created by American artist Anne Collier. This black and white eye symbolizes “a look at the world around us."

The polished lazer-cut semi-circle hosts the eye thanks to a decor setting. The cap is made with Surlyn. These two pieces have been meticulously assembled to become one.  

Albéa’s XD11 Maximist reveals the woody floral notes of the Eau de Parfum.

The XD11 pump is manufactured in Albéa Le Tréport (Normandie, France), the group’s global center of excellence for fragrance pumps, samples and mini-products. The original cap is made in Albéa Parigné (Le Mans), the group's center of excellence for fragrance caps.

No less than three of Albéa’s expertises were needed to complete this perfume packaging.

Learn more about Albéa’s XD11 pump : The XD11 pump is as delicate as it is solid thanks to its compact design and invisible engine (available in 70 µl, 100µl, 120µl). It protects the integrity of scents and ensures harmonious spray.  


CK Women Eau de pafum