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EcoVadis Assessment



EcoVadis Assessment as part of the CSR strategy

On May 3, Albéa was awarded the GOLD level by EcoVadis for its CSR performance in 2020, one of the highest levels of CSR commitments. With an overall score of 67/100, Albéa belongs to the top 5 percent of companies rated by EcoVadis. In 2020, we set more than ambitious targets on the reduction of the environmental impact of plastic and the end-of-life management of beauty packaging. This year, we go even further and demonstrate once again our expertise in the development of eco-designed materials (Greenleaf, Metamorphosis), monomaterial packaging and recycled materials (PCR).


In order to measure its progress, Albéa has its CSR practices assessed every year by EcoVadis. This annual rating enables us to measure our social impact and environmental impact and to position ourself among other market players. The score obtained is the result of a joint effort at all levels of the company to demonstrate environmental, social and ethical responsibility. It is built on a 1 to 100 basis and is delivered on 4 themes, allowing the company to accurately assess its strengths and areas for improvement by subject. The EcoVadis assessment enables Albéa to position itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner. The GOLD medal is a testament to the company’s structured and proactive approach to CSR. And it ensures the company’s compliance with ISO 2600.

Every day, we are committed to being transparent with our customers. We undertake to transmit the results of our assessment sheets to all clients who would ask for. Building a lasting relationship and engaging in a co-creation process with a client requires trust. This is why Albéa offers access to this data, allowing thus to its partner brands to assess environmental practices and social aspects of the company and to ensure the integrity, quality and safety of their products.

“We are convinced that there can be no responsible packaging without a responsible company – one that is trustworthy, ethical, transparent and reliable".