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Emotional connection with beauty packaging


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Packaging as the first point of contact

When you browse online and offline shops, when you receive your e-commerce order and open the box, before you start to experience the scent, discovering the texture, applying the formula: packaging is the first point of contact between a brand and consumers. 

Have you ever felt proud of using an iconic compact from a prestigious brand that you admire, stylish when taking out a trendy lipstick from your bag, happy to choose from all those colorful items in your make up bag, inspired by decorating your bathroom outstanding fragrance bottles? 


At Albéa, we make the beauty packaging you use every day. These playful, trendy or comforting objects travel or stay home with you. We pick some to party, offer special ones to friends, we find creative ways to reuse the smart ones and treasure the pretty ones, even once they are empty. And there is the packaging we keep secret, to protect our perfect imperfections and take care of ourselves.

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