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Fly greener with Albéa Travel Designer

As citizens of the world, each one of us – brand, supplier or passenger – wishes to contribute to a brighter future. Traveling in a more eco-conscious manner is one way to contribute to change.


Albéa Travel Designer draws on 14 years of experience in supporting prestigious airlines, carefully crafting made-to-measure amenity kits. The team’s work was acclaimed by industry professionals as we were recognized 2018 Supplier of the Year at the Travel Plus Awards. Building on proven expertise in developing comfort kits, sets and travel collections for airlines around the world, Albéa Travel Designer goes further and greener. 


This goes in line with Albéa’s strong commitment to sustainable development. The group was the first packaging provider to sign the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Along with several customers and business partners, Albéa brings its proactive participation to the creation of a circular economy for plastics. The group just released its first Sustainable Development Report which is available on Albéa’s official website 



Albéa travel Designer Reveals New Developments at IFSA Expo


Participating for the first time to the International Flight Services Association tradeshow (IFSA), held in Los Angeles, CA, USA next September, Albéa Travel Designer reveals its new offer. 


Since we handle complex projects from design to manufacturing and logistics, we have been able to develop new options empowering airlines to create a more eco-conscious passenger experience. 


As our industry becomes more circular, we prioritize the development of eco-friendly materials. A global leader in beauty packaging, Albéa invests in the research and development of innovative sustainable technologies. New polybags and amenities have been designed with bio-sourced plastics, made of vegetal fibers (corn starch as well as fibers from pineapple and banana waste). 


Upcycling is another key sustainable solution: four of our pouches are made from items used by our team members at the previous edition of WTCE Expo in Hamburg, Germany. We also use SALPA bonded leather fiber material, made from leather splits, to manufacture new quality pouches. For some items, we have found a great option in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. This material comes from sustainably managed forests and post-consumer recycled wood fibers. 


Setting new standards for our industry, we create elegant eco-designed comfort kits using waste from the fashion or food industry as well as post-consumer recycled material. This is how Albéa Travel Designer and its partners aim at creating value for prestigious airlines, while reducing the use of natural resources and the production of new raw material.

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