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Responsible traveling

Flying with our customer airlines offer breathtaking opportunities to contemplate the planet from the sky. Eco-conscious travels are not just a trend, it is a lifestyle that appeals to our passengers worldwide. Because tomorrow starts today, Albéa Travel Designer is developing a full range of responsible comfort kits and solutions, to take care of passengers, as well as the environment. 

Albéa committed to the circular economy

A pioneer in sustainability, Albéa is speeding up its transformation and aims at 100% Responsible Packaging. In October 2018, the company was the first specialist in beauty product packaging to sign the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment: a strong decision that means committing to producing plastic packaging that’s 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. Along with several customers and business partners, Albéa brings its proactive participation to the creation of a circular economy for plastics, contributing to a more responsible and sustainable beauty industry. 

This led to the co-development of the first paper-based beauty tube with L’Oréal who is taking the industry by storm. Other innovative developments include post-consumer recycled color cosmetic packaging and lotion pumps as well as refillable, and recyclable packaging solutions. One of them is Albéa’s Green Leaf 2: a ready to recycle tube, for beauty and personal care applications, successfully launched by Colgate-Palmolive, creating a green revolution on the global oral care market.  

Highlight: Have you read our first sustainable development report? Download now Sustainable Development Report 2018

We support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals

Building on proven expertise in developing comfort kits, sets and travel collections for airlines around the world, Albéa Travel Designer flies further and greener, relying on the group’s leadership and investment in sustainability. 


Setting new standards for our industry, we create elegant eco-designed comfort kits, embracing a great variety of materials: biobased, post-consumer recycled materials such as waste from the fashion or food industries - recycled and recyclable fabrics - in ways that are stylish, contemporary and price effective. 


Albéa Travel Designer and its partners aim at creating value for prestigious airlines, while reducing the use of natural resources and the production of new raw material, for a minimal environmental impact. 


We support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals, while co-developing their identity with custom-made amenity kits. We have privileged business relationships with indie brands and heritage cosmetic brands, which enable us to find the items your passengers will be thrilled to keep after the flight: Made in France skin care for Air France, Made in Italy skin care for MEA to give just a few examples. Remember, sky’s the limit! 

We are proud of what we achieved in 2019, and we won’t stop there!

- Working hand-in-hand with Air France, Albéa Travel Designer contributes to reaching the airline’s ambitious objectives of reducing on board single-use plastic items to a minimum, participating to the circular economy and setting new standards for responsible travels.


- The Made in France skincare offer of the Air France First-Class comfort kit will be kitted by an ESAT center in France – a structure which employs disabled workers – an exception on a price-driven segment. 


- For the fifth year, the Made in France skincare offer of the Air France Baby Kit will be kitted in an ESAT center, supporting diversity and inclusion on the labor market. 

Reducing our environmental impact

In addition to selecting responsible cosmetic products and materials, Albéa Travel Designer makes it a point to reduce its environmental impact at every step of the supply chain. When it is possible, we opt for railway transportation which offers a lower carbon footprint at reasonable price.

As we wish to go a long way with our current and future customers, the Albéa Travel Designer team is committed to new ways working: more sustainable, and more transparent. 

All of our suppliers and partners are committed to find alternative ways to manufacture attractive comfort kits while reducing our industry’s environmental impact. 

Are you ready to invent the future of responsible traveling? Let’s collaborate!