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A Savoir-Faire in Fragrance

We are passionate about Fragrance for over 30 years which led us to imagine, invent, create and develop innovative fragrance caps, sprays as well as related mini-products and samplers.

Our customers can rely on precious insights from our teams of experts in the Innovation Cell and global centers of excellence; Albéa Le Tréport (Normandy, France) and Thomaston (Connecticut, USA) for fragrance sprays solutions.

We invented pre-compression sprays, pump miniaturization, samplers, the crimpless system TCS, gasket free and neutral pumps.

Albéa Parigné – L’Evêque is our center of excellence for fragrance caps. Thanks to its integrated capabilities in injection, assembly, decoration and UV varnish, Albéa Parigné is proud to offer for 50 years a « Made in France » expertise to the most prestigious fragrance brands.


The Art of Spray & more

Fragrance & beyond leverages a 30 years know-how in Art of Spray for pumps and samplers to imagine with brands tomorrows fragrance rituals. We are committed to help brands developed new applications experiences for fragrance consumers.

Our Panache spray creates a light scented cloud, letting consumers immerse themselves in the fragrance with a sense of freshness, naturality and sensuality.

We won’t stop innovating and creating new ways of experiencing fragrance: with Panache Pulse, we developed a pump dedicated to water- and oil-based formulas.

SP22 Panache Pulse can be used for Fragrance and more : pillow mist, premium deodorant, application layering, scented mist for hair, face or body. 


Albéa cross expertise in packaging offer alternative packaging solutions for alternative fragrance formulas such tubes, sticks, brushes, etc …. And of course coffrets and kits from our promotional items department for an inspiring final touch!

Pick your favorite packaging from our standard catalogue or get in touch with our sales team so we can cater to your need with 100% specific development. Whether you address mass, masstige, prestige or a niche market, together we will find the relevant dosage, diameter and profile, spray pattern, actuator and dip tube.


Made here. Made responsibly.

 Our centers of expertise for pump engines (in France and in the United States), supplying our finishing and assembly facilities worldwide (in France, US, Brazil, China & Indonesia) to serve our customers close to their markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and the Americas.

We have integrated capabilities in assembly, finishing, decoration & customization.

Our dedicated teams of technical experts, engineers, sales & customer service in every region provide a unique support to product development and differentiation for the world’s most innovative brands.