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Gender equality Index 2020

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2020 Gender Professional Equality Index between women and men – France

At Albéa continuously improve our career development processes in order to provide women and men with new, exciting opportunities. 

We constantly challenge what is in place, to make our workplace more diverse and inclusive.

As an international employer, we strive to offer a frame where women and men can successfully develop their talents.



Albéa publishes its report on the pay gap between women and men in the company.


The index was calculated based on the criteria defined by the decree of January 8, 2019.


Albéa's overall index is 76/100, which is above the legal requirement of 75/100, below which companies are obliged to take action to reduce the excessive gender pay gap.


View the details of the indexes for each companyAlbéa is committed to promoting gender diversity and gender equality as part of a Group agreement signed in 2017.



Detail of indexes for each company:

Albéa Cosmetics France*: 73/100
Albéa Simandre: 80/100
Albéa Tubes France*: 67/100
UES Albéa Services/AM2S/ABSE*: 69/100
Société Française de Galvanoplastie: 93/100

* These companies are currently working on an action plan to reduce the gender pay gap.