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givenchy mascara brush

Givenchy Base Mascara


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Givenchy Base Mascara

Givenchy, the House of Haute Couture, highlights the lashes with its brand new lash care treatment brush Base mascara Perfecto.

This innovative mixed fiber brush combines black fibers to separate and coat the lashes and 100% natural white cotton fibers for a soft and delicate application of the formula on the lashes.

The spa-like treatment formula nourishes and protects the lashes as well as maximizes volume.

The unique formula can be applied at the end of the day to work overnight or just before the mascara daily routine.

The Base mascara Perfecto brush is manufactured in our Albéa Tips Studio in Morristown (Tennessee, United States), the center of excellence for applicators – mascaras, lip gloss and eyeliners.

The Morristown Albéa Tips Studio, specialized in fiber mascaras, was opened this summer in the United States to serve local brands.

The pink bottle is made in Albéa Simandre (France), our center of excellence for skin care products and metallization.

Givenchy Base Mascara