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Grandiôse Liner by Lancôme

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The Lancôme Grandiôse Liner, a true technical feat

Albéa produces the Grandiôse Liner from Lancôme, a revolutionary eyeliner that combines flexibility and control during application.

The idea behind Lancôme's Grandiôse Liner is to offer users a flexible eyeliner for better control: finally, thanks to a rotating handle, you can trace a flawless line!

This ergonomic applicator allows for symmetrical access to both eyes for an ultra-precise line as close to the lash roots as possible. The ultra-fine felt tip is flexible and sturdy, for comfortable, precise application. Women will appreciate being able to more intuitively and comfortably apply their eyeliner.

Grandiôse Liner is a true technological innovation. Its flexible pointed handle is fitted with a hinge for better precision during application.

This technological marvel is the fruit of a stellar collaboration between Lancôme's innovative concept and Albéa's technical know-how in complex injection and assembly techniques as well as in finishing. This applicator is delicately assembled on a metallic ring, offering, for the first time ever, a hinged handle. Once this is completed, the applicator can bend to a 35° angle throughout application. The ring is attached to the slender Surlyn cap, with no visible injection point. The product's elegance includes sophisticated finishing techniques that combine metallisation, pad printing and lacquering techniques.

This patented liner was designed thanks to the expertise of two Albéa plants: Bottanuco, Italy, a centre of excellence for developing and manufacturing eyeliners; and Parigné L'Evêque, France, a centre of excellence in designing specialised caps. Through this complex project, Albéa demonstrated its ability to create a total packaging solution that incorporated a broad range of expertise.

Grandiose Liner Lancôme