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Guerlain Parure Gold


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Guerlain Parure Gold Compact

As world leading manufacturer of compacts for the beauty market, we are so proud to present a unique concept for compact with Guerlain's Parure Gold Compact Foundation.

The latest addition to Guerlain's Parure Gold line is a stunning yet and highly functional compact that highlights every aspect of Albéa's expertise in makeup compact design.

Guerlain opted for Albéa's patented Reveal opening mechanism. As you open the case in one easy movement, this ingenious system presents you with a wide-angle mirror, the Gold Radiance Powder Foundation and a large sponge.

With the Reveal system, a sliding mechanism is activated as the case opens, drawing the pan backwards to reveal the sponge so you can get to it with no need to lift the pan.

The sleek lacquered case—enhanced with metallic gold edges and a lid with the signature Guerlain stamp—perfectly matches the shape of the hand to provide a good grip. Another noteworthy feature is the magnetic closure system, which adds to the feeling of delicacy when you shut the compact.

This innovation makes it easy to touch up your makeup no matter where or when, making it the most practical compact to carry in your purse.

Guerlain parure gold compact