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Inclusion of disabled workers

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Inclusion of disabled workers

As part of a local community event in Châlons-en-Champagne, Alain Laval, Purchasing Director for Albéa Argonne (France), was invited to contribute to discussions on the inclusion of disabled workers, in the presence of Sophie Cluzel, member of the French government dedicated to Handicap.

Inclusion is an essential value at Albéa. Each of our 39 sites worldwide decides which initiatives are more impactful and meaningful, taking into account local challenges and resources.

Albéa Argonne, our French excellence center for Tubes, is a major industrial employer in the region and makes it a point to be involved in local employment programs. Over the years, teams have been working not only on welcoming handicapped workers to the workforce but also on developing a strong partnership with Elan, a local structure which employs disabled workers on various missions from catering to tube capping or mechanical assembly.

Next year, Albéa Argonne will be proud to celebrate a 20-years partnership with Elan, renewing its commitment for a more diverse and inclusive future.