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Insight Male grooming in China

Insight: Male Grooming in China

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Insight: Male Grooming in China

The Asia Pacific region has the highest market growth in the male beauty industry. Matthieu Rochette Schneider, General Manager at brand intelligence firm Centdegrés told Jing Daily:

 “In China, Millennial male consumers are the key demographic of today’s beauty market […]”. 

The Chinese beauty market keeps expanding, reaching out to new categories of consumers. This is partly due to a phenomena of massive urbanization that goes with significant rise in the standard of living and purchasing power. It is especially relevant when it comes to Millennial men who are changing the rules of the game, culturally speaking. 

Demographics show the men/women ratio is imbalanced which results in a large population of single men with disposable income that they are willing to spend on leisure, style, well-being and cosmetics. This generation is more connected than ever, with a direct access to international pop-culture & lifestyle with which they identify. They therefore distance themselves from the fact that cosmetics were traditionally reserved for women. 

As of today, Chinese men’s beauty routines include the use of cleansing milk, lotion and face cream. They also reinvent the application of existing products such as luxury soaps being used for shaving purposes. These consumers are particularly keen on using sophisticated cosmetics products to reach an ideal fair & flawless complexion thanks to brightening skincare and make-up products such as foundation or concealer. 

The development of a dedicated cosmetic offer, be it gender-specific or unisex, constitute a huge market opportunity for beauty brands as shown by research firm Euromonitor:

”The annual growth of male beauty consumption in China is predicted to reach 13.5 percent by 2019 – well ahead of the 5.8 percent rise in the global male beauty market.”