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Interview with Raul Cervantes about Greenleaf tube


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Raul tells us more about Greenleaf

For over 15 years, Albéa has never stopped innovating in the field of tube packaging, in line with its strong commitment to protect beauty and develop a circular economy for packaging. Raul Cervantes, Market Manager for Personal Care and Web-based Tubes, tells us more about Greenleaf, Albéa’s ready-to-recycle beauty tube.



What are the advantages of Greenleaf?
The Greenleaf tube is made from a unique film structure, which allows us to reduce the amount of plastic used while maintaining its barrier role. We offer two standard layers to adapt ourselves to customer needs: 330µm for large and medium diameters, and 250µm for small and medium diameters. Finally, it is important to underline that Greenleaf has obtained recognition for the tube recyclability in Europe and the United States. We are very proud of this. 



Which technological innovation is behind this tube? 
Greenleaf is a single-blown film. We optimize the use of raw materials to consume less plastic during manufacturing.  Thanks to this process, the barrier of our tubes is exceptional. Also, these tubes can be combined with other innovations such as digital printing (available in the USA) or Slim Cap, to reduce even further the environmental impact of packaging. 



From a Sustainability point of view, brands have nothing to lose by adopting Greenleaf, isn’t it?
Exactly! To meet consumers' expectations, brands understand they must take an eco-conscious turn. Greenleaf is a significant step towards material reduction and improved packaging recyclability. 
To satisfy their customers, brands must offer containers that meet their expectations. Today, consumers are leading the way towards a more sustainable future.  



For which uses is Greenleaf particularly suitable?
This technology is available for the Personal Care and Hygiene markets. Our customers have chosen Greenleaf for shower gels, skin care and toothpastes which benefit from the enhanced barrier properties compared to what can be found today on the market. Thanks to the film barrier properties, requests from the food market are also increasing.



How do you see the evolution of the Greenleaf tube?
Greenleaf has been developed with a clear objective in mind: reducing the quantity of material used, in line with the principles of circular economy to which Albéa adheres. The group is also working on other areas such as the integration of PCR and the development of reusable packaging. We reflect on the evolution of Greenleaf in order to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.