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Joint interview with Albéa's Key Account Managers


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“A Key Account Manager is a conductor”

On Albéa's site in Washington, USA, Kim Lau is Key Account Manager in charge of tubes for major groups such as L'Oréal, Coty and Avon. As for Catherine Bismuth, she holds the same position in Paris with a portfolio dedicated to dermo-cosmetics, including the Pierre Fabre group and its brands Avène and Klorane, as well as Sanofi and Galderma. These two professionals share their vision of this position at the crossroads of many other departments.


How do you adapt to your customers' expectations regarding products and services?

Kim Lau: As Key Account Manager (KAM), satisfying our clients' expectations is our priority. We listen to their needs and look for tailor-made solutions to help them achieve their goals. Personally, I have learned a lot working with global brands such as L'Oréal. There are many challenges. For example, one of the group's priorities is to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. For us, as a partner and leader, we want to be a pioneer, advising and supporting our customers in this transition, by promoting our offer and expertise. We want to contribute to the perception of packaging as part of the solution to environmental issues.


What is your role as a Key Account Manager?

Catherine Bismuth: The salesperson is the voice of the customer within the company. We mobilise all the expertise and teams to meet the customer's expectations and find a solution even when it requires taking up technical challenges! Our role is therefore similar to being a conductor between the different functions: logistics, quality, development, production. Since 2015, I have had the opportunity to work for the Albéa Group on three markets, within CRP and tubes: mass market, luxury and, nowadays, dermo-cosmetics. This mobility has allowed me to refine my knowledge of the beauty market as a whole. Depending on the type of client, the specifications are more or less complex, but for all of us, we aim for excellence - and satisfaction!


What motivates you in your work?

Kim Lau: When I see the product I have been working on in the store, I always feel like I have accomplished something, even and especially when the development was challenging. It's very rewarding! Every launching is the result of intense teamwork, with its share of challenges. 


What advice would you give to sales representatives who are interested in discovering another product line?

Catherine Bismuth: To not hesitate to express their wishes! Changing product lines requires adaptability, curiosity and availability to train. But it's totally doable, considering that Albéa supports its teams in their mobility. 


And what would you say to future sales talents likely to join Albéa?

Kim Lau: Albéa is a great place to work. Personally, I have never been bored, every day comes with new surprises and exciting challenges!
Catherine Bismuth: Albéa has a vision and ambitions. The company is working on sustainability issues, which can be, for many, an additional reason to join us.