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Joon airles kit albea
Albéa combines its expertise for the new Joon airlines comfort kit.

Joon's comfort kits and cosmetic partners should convey the Air France quality and Joon's freshness.

"We wish to offer our travelers an exclusive kit with elements of comfort to strengthen the new generation of travel experience, in Business as well as in Premium Economy class" explains Joon airlines company.


Joon's comfort kits reflect the creative and audacious state of mind of the brand through:

  • colors (the blue signature of the brand, sometimes associated with lively colors),
  • original materials (as the honeycombed material of the Business kit),
  • a dynamic aspect which echoes the idea of movement carried by the brand (playing with the logo in the printed matters of the Premium Economy kit for example), and quality finishes.

Renewed every year (shape, colors, materials), these kits and cosmetics have two missions in our customers travel experience:

  • Functional: to bring the essential elements necessary for the well-being on board and for travel comfort.
  • Emotional: to create a surprise effect, to offer our customers an exclusive "present" they can both use during the flight and take home, as a touch of attention of the company towards them…
joon airlines kit albea
A millenial kit

Air France together with its design agency Brandimage and its partner Albéa Travel Designer, true player in the airlines market, defines the various concepts and colors which will be renewed every year. Of course, the newest trends and the image that the brand wishes to convey to its customers are considered.
To create the different models, various iterations took place between Air France and Albéa Travel Designer via a process of prototypes production until we reach a quality product up to the slightest details (lining, closure, logo);

  • Choice of the cosmetics brand: Joon like Air France Business class is associated with Clarins, a very nice French brand. The customers will have the pleasure to discover in Joon's kits a hydrating ice gel in addition to the products available in self-service onboard. Its light and comfortable texture, freshly and quickly absorbed, brings the skin an immediate well-being and a well-balanced and long-lasting hydration;

For the comfort of their sleep, Joon also offers Business customers a Vallebelle pillow mist developed by Albéa Travel Designer & Valebelle. 
Air France and Albéa Travel Designer, a long lasting relationship, both companies have been working together for more than 13 years.

Vallebelle, perfumed mist creator

In partnership with perfumed mist creator Vallebelle Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Albéa Travel Designer developed the Hodei fragrance (means “Cloud” in Basque). Hodei is dispensed by Albéa’s best-selling sampler Sofilux (5ml).

In Saint Jean de Luz (Pays Basque), Vallebelle develops in family rare and precious pillow mists, which perfume delicately your best moments and invite your senses to reverie. It is an elegant, fresh and light mist with notes of bergamot, jasmine and white musk.

105,000 Business kit units will be onboard long-haul flights.

Vallebelle Albea Joon Sofilux