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Focusing on eye makeup

Wearing a mask all day inspires women to focus on their eye makeup. Rock it your way! Stand out by playing on graphic shapes with liners, dress up by applying your best soft-metal shadows or keep a bit of mystery by grooming your brows & lashes! 


Dare to embrace the Euphoria-inspired look for the end of the year: crystal embellishments, rhinestones & color mascara will make you light up the room!
If you’re more of a minimal-chic kind of girl, try playing on graphic liners to enhance your eye shape & overall feature: make it neutral using black/grey or brown, or spice it up a little using bright colors, like Vanessa Hudgens’ acid-lime green eyeliner! In any case, go for a transfer-free, long-lasting formula as mask wearing can cause some discomfort.


Use dip-in versions to prevent the formula from drying: try Albéa’s Acculiner eyeliner applicator, an innovative fiber applicator cut in the best pointy shape for a precise, controlled yet comfortable application.


Add a neo-classic vibe with this fall’s hit-product: liquid eyeshadow. Use the flock tip applicator & apply for a soft & convenient application. Choose a soft-metal effect unless you prefer subtle shimmers in dark shades. To highlight the color of these products, there is nothing better than our diamond-cut dip-in packaging, 100% clear to make the formula colors pop-out!


Feeling low-key today? Play it simple with a touch of mascara. Albéa Tips Studio, in Bottanuco, Italy, our global center of excellence for brushes, now produces a range of 100% recycled mascara brushes, bringing lashes definition & volume while caring for the environment.