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Albéa XD11 pump for the KKW Fragrance

Kim Kardashian West chooses Albéa's XD11 pump for the Crystal Gardenia Trio of fragrances.

Sold out only a couple of days after releasing on Kim Kardashian West’s e-commerce website, the voluptuous, lush and feminine Crystal Gardenia collection from KKW Fragrance is all the rage!

The satin silver XD11 pump – perfectly matching the frosted crystal bottle - is an optimal choice to smoothly deliver the delicate scents of soft gardenia, citrus and oud put together by Kim Kardashian West.

"The Crystal Gardenia trio from Kim Kardashian West features delightful floral notes : an invitation to serenity and happiness".


The Albéa XD11 pump, made in Albéa Thomaston (Connecticut, USA) - the group’s global center of excellence for fine mist, has been chosen for the 30ml and 75ml packaging. The XD11 pump combines delicacy and robustness thanks to an ultra-compact design, harmonious mist, invisible engine, three dosages (70 µl, 100µl, 120µl) and olfactory neutrality.

KKW fragrance