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Klorane shower gel tubes albea

A new cap for Klorane tubes!


Klorane refreshes its tubes design with the new Albéa Slim cap for tubes.

Thanks to a close partnership with Pierre Fabre French dermo-cosmetic producer, Albéa has developed for the brand Klorane a new flip-top cap named SLIM cap.

Compact and flat with sharp lines, the SLIM cap is amongst the lightest cap on the market and thanks to its design, creates a real visual break from regular flip-tops leading to a strong visual impact on shelves.


Slim cap with its singular “light” design uses less plastic and demonstrates our commitment to the environment and Corporate Social Responsability” states Franck Legendre, Global Packaging Director at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique.


Innovative, the SLIM cap was designed with a special shoulder, lower in height but with ledges preventing water from stagnating under the cap.

In addition, SLIM cap is amongst the lightest flip-top caps on the market with less than 35% of plastic compared to a standard cap which represents a carbon footprint impact reduction of 12.6%. The colourful mass tinted Klorane range printed using flexo-printing and silk-screening, combined with the SLIM cap perfectly represents the brand’s essence.


The plastic transparent cap is injected in Argonne (France), our center of excellence for tubes.


The dermo-cosmetic brand Klorane is part of the Pierre Fabre group.