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Luxe Pack Edition Speciale

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Albéa participates in conferences

Albéa is the first cosmetic packaging manufacturer to have signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment with the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation.
At the occasion of Luxe Pack Edition Speciale in Paris, Albéa participates in conferences and debates and have contributed to the presence of Annette Lendal, Senior Research Analyst for the New Plastics Economy for the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

  • On June 4:

10am - Annette Lendal will make a short introduction and will present the stakes

  • On June 5:

10am - Gilles Swyngedauw, Innovation and CSR Director at Albéa will explain the importance of a strong collaboration between all the actors of beauty packaging and partners for a better and powerful cricular economy.
2pm - Eric Derouin, Tubes Sales Director for Europe at Albéa and Alain Benoit from SeventyOne Percent will share their common vision about brand/supplier collaboration and their approach towards eco-designed packaging.


And come to visit us booth C11, to discover our PCR, bio-based and eco-designed packaging.