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Me So Extra Routine


Me So Extra Routine

The Right Applicator for the Right Texture: adopt the perfect gesture to get the best make up result!

Get your glow on with the Me So Extra routine!

To create the best make-up results, you need to use the most relevant applicator and associated gesture for each texture.

Let us guide you through our Me So Extra beauty routine, inspired by professionals, which includes 3 applicators for 3 textures. You will learn how to create your own look with three universal shades, by mixing, blending and layering the cream & the two powder-toppers as you like.

How to follow the Me So Extra routine?

Step 1: use a sponge to apply the creamy primer as a base. The sponge will absorb the right amount of product so you can blur it onto your skin for a natural finish. The sponge can also be used wet to bring more covering.

Step 2: with the Blush Brush, add a touch of shimmering blush from your temples onto your cheekbones.

Step 3:  Use the Lumi Brush to add the highlighter powder on strategic face points: below your brows, on the nose.

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