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Mielle Organics selects Albéa’s F2 Foam pump

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Mielle Organics Albéa foam

Mielle Organics selects Albéa’s F2 Foam pump

Monique Rodriguez, emblematic founder of Mielle Organics - an American organic haircare brand - has selected the F2 foam pump by Albéa for her Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curly Mousse with Babassu Oil, for dry and curly hair types.

It all started in Monique’s basement where she set up a makeshift haircare laboratory. By mixing olive oil, mayonnaise and other ingredients, she developed organic haircare recipes. Working as a nurse at the time, Monique gave up a career in women’s health in 2014 to launch Mielle Organics, starting with Mint Almond Oil, designed to reduce hair breakage and shedding.


Albéa’s propellant-free F2 foam pump was selected to protect the Curl Mousse’s organic formula and deliver the right amount of product with a simple pump gesture. Easy to actuate, this F2 foam pump can be used for face, body and hair products. The team at Mielle Organics enjoyed customization options offered by Albéa and created a vibrant pink label that stands out on shelves.


You can tell me no, but I’ll try to find another way to get it” says Monique Rodriguez, embodying a positive and determined mindset - values that we share - while remaining a humble and approachable entrepreneur.


Albéa is proud to work with Mielle Organics, once a small company that is now  distributed in more than 50,000 points of sales including the biggest US retailers) yet recognized by beauty influencers.

Manufactured in Albéa Thomaston (CT, USA), F2 foam pump is part of Albéa Foam Lab. Albéa has 20 years of leadership in foam with 2 billion foamers sold worldwide.


More than just foam pumps: we are customer-oriented and provide a high level of service and a local footprint. We developed the Widest Foamer range, available for multiple applications and the highest quality pumps with in-line quality control and traceability of all components. The Foam Lab is a unique technology platform that provides a rich and constant propellant-free foam. We bring innovation to foam dispensers.

Self confidence through haircare

Resonating with consumers’ demand for healthier products with natural preservatives, organic ingredients yet real results, Monique came up with additional solutions to make women more confident through haircare.

In line with this quest for healthy hair products, Mielle Organics launched at the end of 2017 this Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curly Mousse with Babassu Oil for dry and curly hair types for which she selected Albéa’s F2 Foam Pump.

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