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MondayForFuture - Human Rights @ Albéa


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Albéa has been supporting Human Rights since the beginning

Human Rights is a universal, broad theme covering a wide range of topics. It includes: no child labor, the right not to be enslaved, the right not to be discriminated, the right to health, adequate standard living, the right to free association, the right to privacy, favorable conditions to work, and not to be subjected to torture or degrading treatment. 


Albéa has made a public commitment to respect Human Rights. This commitment is supported by our Code of conduct. We commit to conduct our business in an ethical, legal, social and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is part of our Governance and we conduct Social Audit on a quarterly basis. 


“We are measuring the risks and implementing actions on all our sites. Our objective is to have 100% of our sites audited by SMETA and EcoVadis by 2025.”

Luz Lozano, Human Rights Coordinator Albéa