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Cleopatra eyeliner

Cleopatra eyeliner

Cleopatra eye liner bottle for a timeless look. 
Discover a new way to bring out your eyes with Cleopatra eye liner by Albéa. 
Eye liner has been a must-have for thousands of years and it is a key item for any make-up line.  
The color, the formula, the style, the gesture and the applicator: all are essential for a perfect finish. Felt, flocked or brush applicator: choose the best one for the result you expect. Create a profound eye make-up look with a matte black ink or go for a neon pink for a trendy eye-catching look. 
Customize this sleek-designed bottle with your logo on the bottle or the cap thanks to silkscreen or hot-stamping technologies. 
Cleopatra eye liner bottle is made is Albéa Bottanuco (Italy), our European center of excellence for mascara, lip gloss & eyeliner packaging. It also hosts Albéa Tips Studio's global center of expertise for make-up applicators.

Dreamy palette for eyes routine

Dreamy Palette: play with colors to create the make-up look of your dreams! 
Carry your 10 favorite shades of color cosmetics with Dreamy Palette by Albéa. 
Eyeshadow, eyebrow or lips: it is up to you to decide which pressed or poured make-up powders you need to create unlimited combinations for your everyday make-up look. 
This rectangular palette is easy to carry in your make up bag. It includes a mirror and an applicator area. It can hold two different brushes that can also be provided by Albéa. 
Contact our team today and let us know which colors are you dreaming of?