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Albéa Fast-Track Beauty offer gets bigger

New Fast-Track Beauty offer !


Group news

Discover Albéa's 2021 Fast Track Beauty offer

 A unique selection of packaging and solutions to speed up your launches !


Our Fast-Track Beauty offer is expanding with: 
- new mascara applicators: 15 in fiber and 6 in plastic
- 2 new solutions for lash care 
- 1 classic fiber eyebrow and 2 flocked applicators to cover the lip and face product’s needs.

From 5,000 units to 25,000 units, it is now possible to receive these make-up products within 4 weeks (after artwork validation or for re-orders for a selection of basic decoration & specifications ; adding 4 weeks we can included a big range of finishes as the varnishing colored or transparent, matt or shiny and the thermal metallization. Masterbatch Black/White for mascara; clear for gloss).


•    Moq: from 5k to 25k
•    Lead time: for the «black+HS/SS» solution: 4 weeks
      Surface treatments + 4 weeks


•    Mascara: Memoire pack + 6 plastic & 15 fiber brushes
•    Lash care: Memoire pack + 2 cotton brushes
•    Eye-brow: Equilibre pack + jealousy brush
•    Lip gloss, liquid eyeshadow or concealer: Lumiere pack + 2 flocked applicators


•     Decorations: Hot stamping or silk-screening
•    Surface treatment: Thermal soft touch; Thermal trasp/matt/colored varn.; Thermal metal + 4 weeks LT
•    Masterbatch : Black/White mascara & lash care ; Black eye-brow; Clear bottle gloss




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