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Partnering together for circular beauty

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Partnering with our customers to build a long-lasting circular beauty

Building on 15 years of initiatives, Albéa is recognized as a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As customer and consumer’s needs evolve, we speed up our innovation policy to develop circular, recyclable and reusable packaging solutions. Most importantly, we produce responsible results that come from our desire to offer bespoke CSR guidance from start to finish.     

Aware of the growing demand for eco-friendly practices, Albéa promotes collaboration between industry experts in order to create breakthrough innovations. No matter what your needs or expectations may be, we adapt our solutions accordingly to foster a transparent partnership based on our shared beliefs. This process was the driving force behind an exciting first in the cosmetic industry: a paper-based tube co-developed with team at L’Oréal. As Barbara de Saint-Aubin, Global Account Director for Albéa, explained: “For over 50 years, L’Oréal and Albéa’s teams have been mutually inspiring each other through workshops on innovation. This led to the creation of long-term shared roadmaps.”    

“Working together to contribute to the circular economy”


A similar process is being developed with L’Occitane, with whom we launched a common roadmap after signing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. “We voted for the themes that were priorities, such as the growing presence of PCR in our packaging,” reports Diane Charles, Key Account Manager at Albéa. David Bayard, L’Occitane’s Director of Packaging Development, shares that “working together helps contribute to the circular economy.” Xavier Leboucher, Puig’s Director of Innovation agrees: “When you work for a company that is trying to improve the future of the planet, there’s no use trying to get things done alone.”  

Partnering with New Indie Brands 


The desire to implement an eco-friendly approach is also present in new indie brands like SeventyOne PerCent. Co-founder Raphaël Vanier confirms that “with Albéa, we wanted to establish a real partnership, so we could create solutions for our current products while also thinking about the future.” Mission accomplished, according to Florie Schwaller, Key Account Manager at Albéa: “We worked with the brand to create a solution that was both eco-friendly and technologically advanced: polypropylene sticks and PCR plastic tubes (post-consumer recycled), embellished with different decorations.”

We plan to continue this work with all our partner customers, motivated by a common goal: improving products and packaging so that they are good for people and for the planet.