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Albéa produces PCR packaging in Europe and in Americas to meet the local market needs.


PCR (Post-consumer recycled) plastic is made from single-use packaging (milk or beverage bottles) that is used and sorted before going through recycling channels.
Each year, Albéa produces 33 million tubes with PCR polyethylene.
PCR reduces the carbon footprint of a tube by 16%* (compared to a conventional Ø50mm plastic tube, 200ml with a 500μm Cebal cap). For every one million PCR tubes produced, we save the equivalent of 16 tons of CO2 (or 16 round-trip flights from Paris to New York for one person).**
These tubes can be fully recycled via existing collection systems.***

Foam and lotion pumps are also available with PCR. A pump produced with 100% PCR polypropylene (cap, neck, and actuator) reduces its carbon footprint by 47%.* PCR pumps are available in four colors: light grey, grey, black, and green.

PCR tubes and pumps are produced in Albéa Reynosa (Mexico) and Albéa Thomaston, CT (USA) sites.

* Source: Albéa internal study, 2018
** Source:
*** Already present in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Portugal; in the process of being deployed in France, the Netherlands, and the UK.

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